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Principal investigator

Prof. dr. J. StamProf. dr. Jan Stam

Jan Stam received his medical training at the University of Utrecht. After various attempts to postpone specialisation (such as training in tropical medicine, working in rural Angola and at the Jellinek Centre for Addiction Disorders in Amsterdam) he started his residency at the department of Neurology in Amsterdam (chair prof. H. van Crevel). In 1984 he was board certified as neurologist and in 1987 he obtained his doctorate, after defending his thesis: "A Cli­nical and Electromyo­graphic Stu­dy of the Tendon Reflexes". In 1993 he was appointed Professor of Clinical Neurology at the Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam. He was vice chairman of the department of Neurology, director of the Neurology residency program and co-ordinates the Neurology training for medical students until his retirement in august 2014. Research interests: Cerebrovascular diseases, in particular cerebral venous thrombosis and cerebral small vessel disease.

PHD students

Jonathan Coutinho, MDJonathan Coutinho, MD

Jonathan Coutinho received his medical degree in 2007 from the University of Amsterdam. He also studied Medical Biology at the same university and received his Master’s degree after completing a scientific internship between 2003 and 2004 at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver. In 2007 he started his residencies in Neurology at the Academic Medical Centre, which he combines with a PhD program in vascular neurology. He has published several papers on cerebral venous thrombosis and is one of the coordinators of the TO-ACT trial.

Yvonne ZuurbierYvonne Zuurbier, MD

Yvonne Zuurbier studied medical science at the University of Amsterdam. In 2009 she started her residencies in Neurology at Tergooiziekenhuizen. Since 2011 she works at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. She works as a PhD-student on the Thrombolysis Or Anticoagulation for Cerebral venous Thrombosis Study and in the future she will follow the education for neurologist.

Trial Manager

Drs. Mariek MinkDrs. Marieke Mink

Marieke Mink studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam. After her study she worked as a research psychologist at GGZinGeest in Amsterdam for five years. She coordinated several studies, including a longitudinal study on Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Since 2009 she worked at the University of Utrecht and coordinated a study on Tourette’s disorder. She also starts working at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam. She examines patients with Parkinson’s disease for the N-STAPS study, Netherlands Sub Thalamic nucleus And Pallidal Stimulation study. Since 2011 she works as the trial manager of the TO-ACT study.

Patients currently included

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Last patient included on 14/10/2016 at Academic Medical CenterThe Netherlands



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